Transforming Uncertainty into Opportunity by Nicole Trincia

Updated: May 14, 2020

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- Nicole Trincia -

Friday the 13th, March 2020 - Public schools closed in the Bay Area and much of the country. All but non-essential workers are ordered to stay at home, and parks and gathering places closed. There is much uncertainty for the future- work, travel, and other planned activities.

So, how are you using this time that was once so very full? Perhaps you have been able to catch up on some much needed rest, slow the usual hurried pace of life, and breathe more fully. Maybe you’ve even enjoyed that much coveted warm bath, or book that you’ve been meaning to finish, or dive into for the first time. Now, there’s suddenly time for those home cooked meals that many of us once reserved for special occasions.

After a month of adjusting to the initial change, novelty of rest, and shock of being denied your normal routine, perhaps you have reached a deeper level of reflection. Of course- first and foremost- be safe and stay healthy, as best you can. But then, instead of succumbing to anxiety and fear, why not reframe this unprecedented time as a unique opportunity to truly take inventory of your life- your being- like never before?

Human behaviorist, Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. (Who Are You Really, And What Do You Want?, 2003) encourages looking at 10 core areas of our lives: Lifestyle, Self-Esteem, Personal Organization, Health and Fitness, Job and Career, Relationships, Money and Finances, Personal Growth, Quality of Life, and “Other” Goals:

Lifestyle: Your lifestyle may be impacted significantly by your inability to earn income at this time or take trips as you had planned. Yet, how may you be of service now? How may you still create and connect with others in ways that you never have, or forgot about?

Self-Esteem: How has your spirit and sense of worth been throughout this time? Are you living in integrity? Shift your attention to improving some aspect of yourself. Practice gratitude and kindness for all that is your life. When you feel negativity coming on, pro-actively turn your perspective around and choose optimism.

Personal Organization: With fewer distractions, now is a great opportunity to clarify your needs and limits- both personally and interpersonally. Consider how you can be more flexible about giving yourself what you truly need (i.e. enough sleep, meditation, creative outlets). Become organized in your personal space, mind, and body alike. Give attention and care to what you are eating- noticing what foods feel good, avoiding those that do not.

Health and Fitness: How is your physical strength and energy? Lack of time is most likely not a valid excuse for not being physically active now. Exercise- particularly aerobic- has been proven to be a significant defense against mild depression (Harvard Health Publishing, 2013) and an immunity booster (University of Portsmouth, 2012). What an opportunity this is to integrate some exercise everyday- even if it’s cleaning your home or taking a walk in your neighborhood (where currently allowed). Try some new activity you’ve been curious about, and notice how much better you feel afterward!

Job and Career: How might you evolve in your profession? Now is a great time to reflect on how you devote your attention and skill to the world (as previously mentioned with Lifestyle- *Note: all core life areas flow into each other). Are you being authentic in your work life? What service or craft have you yet to explore and share?

Relationships: How is the quality of your interpersonal relations- with partners, children, other family, and friends? What better opportunity to connect with those whom you hold dear, inspire you, and whom otherwise add value to your life. Perhaps you’ve already noticed how you have connected with others now more than ever!

Money and Finances: (*See Lifestyle, Job and Career). Additionally, now is a great time to review your budget, streamline unnecessary expenditures, and seriously reflect on your consumption habits. Consider what is truly essential to your wellbeing, and the impact our choices have on others and our planet. Perhaps you may redefine wealth and how much money you think you need.

Personal Growth: Situations such as these hopefully inspire a collective shift in awareness and care. How do you want to evolve and Be in this precious life? Accept this opportunity to attend to any “homework”, online training, portfolio ensemble, or simply journaling to develop your Self, organize your thoughts, and share your gifts with the world.

Quality of Life: In the words of Elizabeth Gilbert, “eat, pray, love”. Sit down with the loved ones who share your home and enjoy healthy meals together. Exercise daily. Connect with others- especially those who live alone- and engage in meaningful conversations, several times a day. Get outside and enjoy fresh air, as much as you can. Stay curious, conscious, and connected in the world.

Other Goals: Anything else of personal value not aforementioned- singing, dancing, other music making, reading, writing, participation in the well-being of humanity.

These are challenging times indeed, that call for patience, courage and creativity. If you feel like you need support and would like to explore fulfilling any of these core life areas further, you may connect with Nicole for a Complimentary Discovery Consultation. Be your best self during this time and always, refine- don’t decline, and be well!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure....And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. ~ Marianne Williamson

Nicole Trincia is a Certified Life Coach, with a Masters in Education and BA in Psychology. She has 8 years coaching, 10+ years teaching, and over 20 years health and wellness experience. Nicole offers career, relationship and health coaching -including stress management; better eating, exercise and weight loss support, and pain management. She utilizes her keen perception and compassion for people, curiosity and optimism to empower others to live authentically and realize their best potential.