Quality Over Quantity by Angie Guerrieri

Updated: May 14, 2020

SproutStep provider spotlight

- Angie Guerrieri -

My passion for fitness really started at a young age, but it quickly emerged into focusing on functional movements when I injured myself at my corporate finance job a few years back. Poor habits like sitting slouched with rounded shoulders at a desk for twelve hours a day really did a number on my body. And I know I’m not the only one. I went from loving movement to being constantly in pain & not wanting to get out of bed. I became adamant about finding a way to not only fix myself but also help others in return.

Fast forward to today and my philosophy with my clients is “quality over quantity of movement.” By teaching proper form and functionality, the body is able to heal, strengthen and avoid injury in the future. I believe by using mind-muscle connection we are able to build a strong core, stable foundation, mobile joints and pain-free movement. I use a combination of core activation, HIIT style training, weight lifting and stability/mobility movements to keep my sessions efficient, progressive and fun! My goal is always to teach my clients the right way to move, so they feel comfortable and confident moving on their own.

All of my clients receive personalized training based off of their current health level, goals, and exercise limitations (if any). I offer both in-person and online virtual training. When I’m not exercising or coaching I can be found thrifting for vintage 80’s & 90’s outfits and toys to add to my, already very large, collection.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Functional Training Specialist