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Frustrated With Our Healthcare System - Creating A Better Way

For years we became increasingly frustrated with our healthcare system. We saw a system that is specialized in preventing death without paying any attention to quality of life or promoting health. A system that is increasingly reliant on pills and surgery to get rid of symptoms but that didn't address the cause of health conditions. 

If someone seeks care for a chronic heart condition, they will likely receive medications that lower their blood pressure or given a stent to unblock an artery, but no one will create a plan to improve the underlying health of their heart and reverse the cause of their high blood pressure or clogged artery. We knew there had to be a better way. 

Empowering You and Health & Wellness Providers

We created SproutStep to provide a free and easy to use space to empower people seeking health and to highlight providers that emphasize health promotion through nutrition, an active lifestyle, and stress management. 

Health is the sum of our behaviors and habits including what we eat, how we move, the quality of our sleep, how we socialize, and how we think. And it can be hard to know what behaviors are healthy and even harder to turn those behaviors into habits. Having someone that can give you guidance and support for choosing and keeping healthy behaviors can be the difference between being successful and being frustrated. 

Helping You Find The Provider That Is Right For You

We want you to find the perfect provider to support you and for that search to be effortless. SproutStep makes it as easy as possible for health providers to list their services so that you can learn about providers, read reviews, and compare to ensure you find the right one for you. 

You can find someone that will come to your home or gym, call or video chat, or have you meet them at their office. We have a variety of providers that all have an expertise in helping you achieve your goals of becoming and staying healthy.

Tell Us About Your Story!

We want to hear from you about your struggle to get healthy, your journey towards health, or your experiences working with a health promotion provider. Send us a message on our contact us page, email us at, or message us on Instagram @sproutstep1, facebook, or twitter @sproutstep1

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