The first step to a healthy life starts with the optimal support

We'll match you with someone that fits with yours preferences, goals, and needs

Talk to a SproutStep health associate and we'll find a health and wellness provider that is just right for you.

Why People Love Our Matching Process

We Listen

We are committed to understanding your preferences, goals, & needs

Save Money

Getting to the right provider first means not wasting money going to the wrong providers

Its Easy

One phone call and we'll send you a few providers to choose from

We're Reflective

We use machine learning and advanced clinical research to continuously improve our process

Your Success Matters

Finding you the right support is our only goal, even when it isn't a SproutStep provider

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Not satisfied with your match? We'll refund your matching fee

How It Works

  • we'll listen to you

  • ask about your preferences

  • understand your needs

  • discuss your goals

Chat with a SproutStep health associate



We find you options to choose from

  • we'll reflect on your needs, goals, and preferences

  • utilize advanced algorithms, analytics, & machine learning to identify providers that will be a good fit

  • send you a few providers to review

  • you review the providers we send

  • message any of them

  • schedule your first appointment when it is convenient for you

You begin working with a provider