Virtual Health & Wellness Coaching

​So, you’ve always wanted to get healthy, but need a little help getting started and staying motivated? I can help by guiding you through each step. Together, we can:

-Create a plan. Once we outline your goals, a plan can be made to reach them.

-Discover the best you. What motivates you to reach your goals?

-Find food problems. What causes them and how do we find a solution that you can stick with?

-Determine what works. What makes you feel good, what makes you feel bad, and incorporate that into your daily life.

-Reset. Out with the old, (unhealthy food and habits) and in with the new (healthy living).

Initial Consultation: Schedule your first session online, using the link below. You will then receive a Health History form. Please fill out the Health History form and provide a food diary for five days and return to me to review 24 hours before your initial consultation. Sessions will be conducted via FaceTime, Skype phone call, or in person if local.

Assessing & Planning: I will assess the Health History form and food diary and create a plan to work with your lifestyle by first addressing your concerns, desires, and goals. The objective is to build a plan with healthy lifestyle habits that you can stick to.

First Session: During our first session I will show you the top three diet/lifestyle changes that I believe could make the most meaningful improvements for you for the first week. We will thoroughly go through them step by step, so you have a solid plan to follow. A small start can help you to not become overwhelmed. We will also discuss what kind of future sessions you need to hit your goals.

Continuing: We will continue to meet twice a month or weekly and improve on what was worked on during the prior week. We will chart progress and make changes when needed. You will be given everything you need to succeed, including meal plans, recipes, and information to refer to.

Goal Attainment: At the end of your sessions, we will discuss your progress and go over any questions you have so you feel comfortable with being able to maintain the goals you’ve hit. You are always welcome to schedule 20-minute appointments for a “checkup” if you find you have questions or just want to check in and get a quick assessment of your continued progress.

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office