Wellness As It Should Be 

Personalized & Innovative

We help your employees reach their full potential by addressing the root cause of their problems

Why Employers Love SproutStep

Lower Costs

Our matching service ensures that employees see the optimal provider. This means less overall appointments with high cost specialists.

Time Savings

We handle the entire process so you can run your company. 


No long arduous integration. Just set an annual reimbursement for each employee per year.

Lasting Solution

With SproutStep people make life long health behavior changes. No more managing chronic conditions.

What Employees Want

Our personalized service helps people do the hard but rewarding work of living a healthier and happier life. 

A Customized Experience for Optimal Health and Performance

Employee - Provider Matching

We perform individual assessments - utilizing advanced clinical research & machine learning algorithms - to ensure your employee is matched with the optimal provider.


Have specific needs? We work with you to customize a program that fits with your specific culture and goals.

Health Promotion

Employees work with a provider to create and implement a plan to improve their health behaviors.


We are here to ensure your success. You and your employees can reach us any time for assistance.

email admin@sproutstep.com or call us 720-239-2067