SproutStep is reinventing workplace wellness, delivering complementary wellness therapies by certified professionals anywhere you are.

About Us

We looked deep into the wellness industry and found solutions that relied heavily on generic products built for scale but with no personalization. This includes video libraries, apps that connect to wearables, or generic wellness text alerts.

Some newer products emphasize personalized services but are unidimensional – they are solely focused on one aspect of health such as talk therapy, fitness, or diet. These can be effective, but to adequately support all of your employees, you would need 5 or 6 different vendors which becomes convoluted and expensive.

We knew a comprehensive, simple solution that was individualized & broad in scope would disrupt the employee wellness industry and meet the needs of organizations and employees.

With a combined 30 years experience in healthtech, healthcare management, public health, clinical practice, and business leadership – we saw a problem that needed to be solved. People lack the personalized support to promote health, prevent chronic conditions, and emphasize wellness.


We recognized that when you seamlessly connect individuals, organizations, and incredible wellness practitioners – everyone benefits. So we built an innovative platform to do just that.