Reinvent Workplace Wellness

Your Employees Want Something Else

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US adults that purchase alternative wellness services each year


Productivity losses per employee due to improper wellness support

Choosing The Wrong Solution is Expensive


Health plan savings per employee with optimal wellness programming

With SproutStep, employee wellness has never been this easy.


We ensure each employee has the individualized support they need. From stress management to fitness & hormone counseling to art therapy - we have the support they need.


No matter your organization's needs, we have plans that will fit your budget and goals.


Get SproutStep in front of your employees in hours, not months. See how your business can flourish when you provide the right support to your employees.

Relaxed Businessman

Just a few areas where SproutStep can help your employees 

Manage Stress

Find your inner peace amidst the chaos of life.

Healthy Diet

Optimize your diet for health and feeling great.

Manage Health Conditions

Weight Loss

Support and education to thrive despite any health condition. 

Learn how you can lose weight safely & effectively.


Personalized plans to live an active lifestyle & get in amazing shape.

Pain Management

Understand ways to mitigate or eliminate your aches and pains.